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Haskovo & Merich Cooking

"Haskovo & Merich cooking" application presents topical videos for quick and easy preparation of 10 traditional recipes from Haskovo, Bulgaria and 10 traditional recipes from Merich, Turkey. The application also presents other traditional recipes from both regions with text only that might be of your interest. The application also presents some traditions or interesting facts related to the recipes. The application explores the culinary traditions of the two border regions Haskovo and Merich, the innovation and the opportunities for shared experience using the technologies of the Internet. Traditional cuisine in both border regions in Bulgaria and Turkey is distinguished with their original recipes and tastes and also with their common characteristics determined by the geographical proximity and common heritage of the regions. Traditional cuisine in both border regions include products and ingredients which to high extend are specific for the regions and thus shape their cultural identity. Food connects people even if they are not speaking the same language. This is our motto and we hope that you will enjoy "Haskovo & Merich cooking".

Last update: 12.09.2017