Virtual Maritza - Merich Cuisine№ CB005.1.23.017

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Second project meeting

The Second project meeting on the project: „Virtual Maritza – Merich Cuisine“, № CB005.1.23.017, funded under the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Turkey Programme 2014-2020 was held in the office of RMA “Maritza” in Business Incubator, Klokotnitsa on December 11th , 2017. The project meeting was attended by 11 participants – representatives of RMA “Maritza” (LB) project team – 3 persons, representatives of Rice Paddy Commission in Merich (PB1) - 3 persons, Erinç Demir, Kaimakam of Merich Governorship and Chairman of Rice Paddy Commission of Merich District; Director of Agriculture; Merich District Head Doctor - a Member of Rice Commission; Chairman of Chamber of Agriculture and 1 driver. RMA “Maritza” ensured from the project budget the following for the meeting: materials for 6 participants of project team (package including cover page, agenda, materials for the activities and time table), consumables for 6 participants of project team (package including CD with the materials, folder with clips, roller pen). RMA “Maritza” also ensured with own resources materials for the rest of the participants in the meeting (package including cover page, agenda, materials for the activities and time table). The meeting was opened by Rayna Yovcheva, the Executive director of RMA “Maritza” and responsible for managing of the project. In her welcome speech Mrs. Yovcheva focused on the importance of the strict project implementation that is achieved so far. Welcome speech was also addressed by Erinç Demir, Kaimakam of Merich Governorship who congratulated the partners for the successful work done and for the beneficial partnership. During the first discussion session the partners presented in brief the outputs achieved related to the field surveys in Haskovo and in Merich and the map (Activity 1 and 2). All partners agreed that developed surveys have the necessary information that will be used for the development of the outputs in Activities 3 and 4. During the second discussion session LB presented the progress of Activity 3 Video cooking – Haskovo and Merich traditional recipes. Mrs. Yovcheva explained that the related single tender procedure for the development of the videos is currently ongoing. Both partners have selected the recipes that will be filmed and they are included in the procedure. Mrs. Yovcheva pointed out that the videos development will be contracted till the end of the year and they will be developed as scheduled till the end of the 4th trimester (March 20th, 2017). During this discussion session Activity 4 Web platform "Virtual Chef" and "Haskovo & Merich cooking" application was also presented. Firstly the progress of web platform was presented. Mrs. Yovcheva pointed out that the development of the web platform is contracted. The domain for it is selected: The web platform is visible and there is information about the project uploaded and about the events. The partners discussed the other sections on the platform and what other information has to be prepared and uploaded. Regarding the application Mrs. Yovcheva pointed out that it is contracted and is now in the process of development. The partners defined what kind of information has to be provided for the application. During the third discussion session activities 5, 6 and 7 were discussed. For Activity 5: Haskovo & Merich Cooking Festival PB2 pointed out that they will contract the implementation of the festival in February 2017 regarding the ensuring of necessary hall, equipment for simultaneous translation, catering, moderator and interpreters. Regarding the preparation of materials for the festival PB2 pointed out that they have already signed the contract. Regarding Activity 6: Information and Publicity in BG LB presented their progress on the implementation of 1 Initial press conference and 4

media publications in the period May-June 2017. LB pointed out that 4 publications will be made in media in December 2017. The rest of publications will be planned in accordance with the achieved outputs. The information board will be done in the 4th trimester. For Activity 7: Information and Publicity in TR PB2 presented their progress. They started preparing the design of the Traditional Cuisines Recipe book and of the Information brochure for the project. According to the approved project time table the partners planned the following schedule for the forthcoming project events:

  • 3 rd Project meeting in Haskovo, Bulgaria – April 2018 after videos are developed - Haskovo & Merich Cooking Festival in Edirne/Merich, Turkey – May 2018 (before May 17th)
  • 4 th Project meeting (Final meeting) in Edirne/Merich, Turkey and Final press conference in Edirne/Merich – together with the implementation of the Festival in May 2018 (before May 17th). After the discussions on the planned sessions and time table were completed the partners discussed potential ideas and opportunities for future cooperation and their compliance with the topics and rules of the planned 2 nd call of Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Turkey Programme and also for programmes directly funded by the EC.